Global Quality Space is an independent supplier and service provider of hardware and software tools for setting up high-quality standardization processes in the packaging industry. Our tools are mainly used for quality assurance and monitoring within the packaging creation and print production. With the professional use and support of Global Quality as a platform, our partners have the possibility to design their own production safely, to meet certain standards, and to work more efficiently at the same time.

A global leader in integrated automated quality control systems.

Product is the package


We do this by keeping it simple, practical and engaging through workshops, sample testing and calculation of ROI. By gaining insight into the workflow, we demonstrate the strategic capability, flexibility and adaptability of the quality control solutions into any existing workflow.

Sample Testing

We are always happy to receive and Test your samples at our Frankfurt center and later present the results in a LIVE demo, to bring you up to speed with how the software performs inspections.

Installation and Support

We carry out installations in any part of the world, project implementation, training and after sales support.

The Team

Askold Zimmermann

Askold Zimmermann is a seasoned quality control “freak” having worked for Global Vision for many years, he felt the need to create a Global Quality space,A company that provides integrated automated quality control solution to packaging especially in the critical pharma sector and consumer goods and a community space that he has worked very hard to build

His contribution to the Global quality space reaches far and wide and works at Lightning speed.


GBV Team


While the main centre is based in Germany, GBV team are positioned in every part of the globe for fast and effecient service delivery and support to all its clients.